Live performance requirements

When performing at venues managing their own sound Ange Hardy requires:

  • 1 channel for vocals (1/4" stereo output from vocal looping pedal)
  • 1 channel for guitar (1/4" stereo output from guitar)
  • Onstage monitor speaker / foldback controlled by front of house
  • Front of house control for reverb on vocal channel is preferred

NB: When front of house systems are being used the volume balance between primary vocals and live looped vocals are controlled by the performer (from the live looping pedal itself) so some communication between FOH and the artist may be required to get levels correct. If FOH doesn't provide reverb this will also be controlled by the artist.

Provision of own PA for small venues:

Ange Hardy is able to provide her own PA and sound engineer for small venues of between 30 and 100 people.

This comprises of two 150 watt speakers, and all other equipment required for Ange to perform live (compact mixing desk, amplifier, all cables etcetera).

An accessible power socket is required for running this equipment.

PA may be used outside by prior arrangement.

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